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  • 30 minute classes
  • 4 children (maximum) per class
  • Parent participation encouraged
  • Swim diaper required for children under 3 years of age
  • Toys and games are used to make learning process fun and engaging
  • Roll-float-swim progression





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Our WaterBabies classes offer a safe and gentle approach to introducing your child to water in a friendly environment with an experienced instructor.

WaterBabies provides the foundation and skills necessary to become a safe strong swimmer.

Although not a requirement, parents or caregivers accompanying their little one in the class will enhance the learning experience.

For those who choose not to accompany their child in the water, we ask that you supervise your child when the instructor is working with another child.

6 weeks to 48 months

  • Water skills: back float, underwater glide, kicking, blowing bubbles
  • Safety skills: entering & exiting pool safely
  • Submerged swimming to parent, instructor and sides of the pool (non-submersion available upon request)
  • Strengthen balance and muscle tone
  • Develop comfort with buoyancy