Stroke Development & Diving

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  Adults, please note you are welcome to join in any of our swim classes! But, we do offer classes for adults. Please  click here  to see a schedule and register for Adult Classes.

 Location Key:   H-Stk=Home-Stockbridge

Our Stroke Development classes are for those who have mastered Level 2's introduction to freestyle armstroke and finning on back.

In this unique learning environment swimmers will learn each stroke start to finish. We will begin with stroke technique advancing to starts, turns, and finishes for each stroke.

Swimmers will learn the proper technique and skills to swim advanced freestyle armstroke (with breathing), backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly.

You pick the swim stroke you want to learn! 

Stroke classes may be taken in any order. Multiple classes may be taken, too. For example, swimmers can register for our Butterfly class and also register for our Breaststroke class in the same month or week they are offered. There is no need to master one stroke before learning another!

30 minute group classes are limited to 4 participants. 60 minute group classes are limited to 8 participants.

Private lessons available.

Pick the Stroke You Want to Learn and Sign Up Today!