Stroke clinics- Focus on stroke development and technique, starts, turns and finishes

Beginner dive clinic- squat dive, kneeling dive, stride dive and standing dive.  Perfect for those needing to learn the basics of diving properly.

Advanced dive clinic- For those who already have a basic, head first dive.  Progress to learn the approach and hurdle dive, tuck and pike dive, and racing dives.

Swim fun day- These are split into 2 categories, Beginner - Level 2 swimmers and Level 3 - Level 6 swimmers.  Come out to enjoy a field day type experience in the pool full of fun, games and races!

‚ÄčOne day trials or demo classes- Come out and experience all that a particular class has to offer in one session.  Level classes will cover all 4 days worth of skills in 1 session.  Perfect for those needing to repeat or quick learners!

Depending on demand there will be 30 minute, 60 minute and options for 2 hour clinics!  If you see 2 options, sign up for both hours to double the fun!

*Please Note: Only Classes with Current Openings are Listed

Come Play With Us!   Open Swim- Use our down time as an opportunity to practice or play!  This is an unsupervised, swim at your own risk time, so parental supervision is required.  It is a great chance for some family fun close to home!


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