• Breath control
  • Simultaneous movement and rhythm of legs and arms in breaststroke
  • Breaststroke whip kick and phases of kick
  • Timing of kick, pull, breathe
  • Maintain proper body line and glide

Our Level 4 class is designed for children who have mastered Level 3 skills (freestyle, backstroke, & elementary backstroke).

Swimmers will learn the proper technique and control for breaststroke and sidestroke.

30 minute group classes are limited to 4 participants. 60 minute group classes are limited to 8 participants.

Private lessons available.

  • Sidestroke step kick
  • Sidestroke push, pull, glide arm action
  • Treading water
  • Introduction to diving (if depth allows)
  • Participants must be able to swim each stroke (breaststroke & sidestroke) 10 + yards independently with proper technique and form in order to pass Level 4

Stroke Development

Breaststroke & Sidestroke

Level 4 Skills Include:

Level 4