• Breath control
  • Rotational breathing with freestyle armstroke
  • Balanced body positioning
  • Correct entry, pull, exit for freestyle and backstroke

Level 3 Skills Include:

Level 3.

  • Participants must be able to swim each stroke (freestyle, backstroke, elementary backstroke) 10 + yards independently with proper form & technique to pass Level 3
  • Intro to diving and treading water if time permits

Our Level 3 class is designed for children who have mastered Level 2's introduction to freestyle armstroke and finning on back.

Swimmers will learn the proper technique and form to swim advanced freestyle arm stroke, backstroke, and elementary backstroke.

30 minute group classes are limited to 4 participants. 60 minute group classes are limited to 8 participants.

Private lessons available.

Stroke Development

Advanced Freestyle, Backstroke, Elementary Backstroke